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The Contract

Lets take out a "contract" on Double Taxation without representation.

Written pledges for over 1000,00 USD are already here at

The money goes to the lawyer team that dumps the concept of Citizen Based Taxation on the grounds that the US lacks jurisdiction to tax ANYONEs overseas income.

Of course our chances of getting a run at the supreme court increase with the level of talent that we attract. The bigger the pot, the higher the talent level. Lets get some corporate sponsors in here and get some six figure pledges!

Please email a preliminary pledge to with your contact data. Remember - you only pay if we get "Residence Based Taxation" accepted by the supreme court !

Please point out this site to Harvard law school because former Harvard Professor Stanley Surrey lobbied for double tax in 1962. Do you want to be redeemed by someone from Yale? P.S. the person who wins the supreme court case gets his/her face on the cover of Rolling Stone, Wall Street Journal, Time AND Newsweek!


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