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H.R. 4560 by ALEXANDER (D-AR)      March 25 1992

A bill to create the office of Delegate for US citizens abroad.

H.R 4562 by ALEXANDER (D-AR)        March 25 1992

A bill to amend the Internal Revinue Code of 1986, sectoin 911, to exclude almost all types of foreign earned income from gross income for individual citizens and residents of the United States living abroad.

As far as we know, the bills were not passed.


Both parties have policy statements about double taxation that sound nice to expats:

Democrats Abroad ,     Mentions OECD:   Democrats policy on double taxation

Republicans Abroad    OECD Residence Based Taxation, mentioned in a statement by Kevin Crowley:  LEGISLATIVE AGENDA RA`s Washington office is actively lobbying to include overseas Americans in Census 2010, dramatically increase the Section 911 Tax Exemption, and reform overseas voting laws.

There is a Representative who cares about Residence Based Taxation: John Cooksey   

See the legislation button on his site.         Also involved is Rep Bob Barr (R-GA)


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