Double Taxation
New Overseas?
Why Is It Wrong?
Trade and Treaties
Export Tax
Wrong Answer
A Level Field
The Contract
History of Failure
26 Talking Points
No Jurisdiction
No Representation
The Good
The Bad
The Undecided
What To Do
Form Letter
26 Talking Points

 1 USA has no jurisdiction over the foreign income of tax persons who reside at least 150 miles offshore.

 2 USA is the only industrialized nation to tax overseas income.

 3 It is must be unconstitutional to tax overseas American Civilians doubly   

 4 US unilaterally breaks anti-dual-taxation agreements with other nations.

 5 US is member of OECD, but refuses to adhere to OECD tax treaty.

 6 Of course domestic US earnings can be taxed at max. rate - if one has significant overseas income. That is how other nations do it.

 7 What happened to King George after the Boston Tea Party?

 8 Send in a tea bag with every overseas tax return!

 9 We don't want a tax break - We expect a self evident residence based tax.

10 Do bother linking the exemption to inflation - overseas income must be tax free!

11 Who is actually FOR double taxation? - Don't vote for them!

12 Double taxation = export tax = US export job killer.

13 Why discourage just the people who could revitalize US exports?

14 Tax - isolationism is not compatible with the globalisation of business.

15 A US passport is not a license to be taxed !

16 We want Residence Based Taxation not Citizenship Based Taxation.

17 What congressman can singlehandedly fill out IRS Form 1116?

18 Why do military receive tax free overseas allowances but not civilians?

19 Why are overseas housing, transportation and bonuses taxable income?

20 Domestic legislators and IRS have little or no actual overseas experience.

21 As recently as Jan/1996, advisors wanted Pres Clinton to simply cancel the exemption!

22 US citizens overseas fill out tax forms, yet receive scant attention from Uncle Sam.

23 Three million US citizens overseas are not well represented in congress.

24 No one-stop-shopping:  IRS does not share data on foreign bank accounts with Dept of   Treasury. A separate report is needed. Paperwork reduction act!!!

25 A typical individual overseas spends 1 week per year on local tax paperwork. After an additional week for US paperwork he doesn't actually pay any tax due to the exemption. Why all the paperwork then?

26 Imposed in 1962 - Section 911 - a repeal is not in sight!


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