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Form Letter

                                        John Doe,       14 Far Away Street

                                        Big City,     12345 Foreign Country

                                                                                                                  Date here

The Honorable HUFF&PUFF

U.S. Senate

Washington DC 20510


Dear Senator HUFF&PUFF:

I am writing to you to urge you to support the concept of RESIDENCE BASED TAXATION.

As a voter in the State of xxxxxx, who has lived overseas for over X years, I am well aware of the disadvantages placed on the American businessman overseas. We are the only industrialised nation to follow the concept of global citizen based taxation.

This system is not practicable, causes senseless paperwork and is a defacto and proven EXPORT TAX (that is not very smart in this day and age).

Therefor I urge you to support OECD RESIDENCE BASED TAXATION, because it is good for the country, good for me and good for your other constituents too. I am a single issue voter, so your position on this topic is important to me.

Please support OECD Residence Based Taxation. I look forward to your reply.


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